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Are you studying in Canada and want to invite your friends or family for a visit? 

You can invite your family or friends to visit you as long as you have legal status in Canada.  If the person you are inviting requires a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to visit Canada they must apply for it from their home country or at a Canadian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission office in their home country.

Your invitation letter must include the following information:

About yourself:

Complete Legal Name

Date of Birth

Complete Address

Telephone Number

E-mail address

Program Information

Your status in Canada

About the person you are inviting:

Complete Legal Name

Date of Birth

Address and Telephone Number

Your relationship to the person

Purpose of the trip

Length of stay in Canada

When the person plans to leave Canada

Where the person will stay

How the person will pay for the stay

Sample Invitation Letter

[Today’s Date]


The Canadian Embassy, Immigration Section


[City], [Country]


Dear Visa Officer,

Re: Letter of Invitation for parents [Name]

I am writing this letter of support of a Temporary Resident Visa application of my parents, [name of parent] (father) and [name of parent] (mother).  My father and mother’s dates of birth are [fathers date of birth] and [mothers date of birth] respectively.  My parents currently reside in [city and country] at [full address].  Their telephone number is [phone number].

Note: the above paragraph includes the complete names of the people you are inviting, their dates of birth, their relationship to you and their current address and phone number.

I am an international student in my [semester number] studying in the [program name] program at [College Name] (a copy of my study permit and enrolment letter are attached).  My date of birth is [your date of birth] and I currently reside at [full address].  My telephone number is [number] and e-mail address is [e-mail].

Note: the above paragraph includes your status in Canada, details about your program, your date of birth, your current address, telephone number and e-mail address.

My parents are applying for a Temporary Resident Visa so that they may visit with me for a few [days/week/weeks/month] from [date] to [date] for [purpose of visit].  While in Canada, my parents will stay with me at my current residence and I will cover all their living costs (housing and food) during this period; flight costs will be covered by them.

Note: the above paragraph includes the duration of visit, date leaving Canada, purpose of visit, details of accommodation and living expenses.

Example of Purpose: I am graduating on [date of your convocation] and it is very important to me and to them that they be in attendance so that we may celebrate this special moment together.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you require any further information.  Thank you in advance for the consideration of my parents’ application.

Yours truly,

[Your signature]

[Your Full Legal Name]